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The rooms

The shelter in Frederiksberg has eight rooms. We have room for eight women and ten children. One of the rooms is located on the ground floor, and is suitable for women with disabilities. We have tried to make all the rooms as cozy and homely as possible. They vary in size and decor, and there is a sofa and a dining table in the largest family rooms.

Kitchen and bathrooms

Toilets can be found on all floors, and there is shared bathrooms on two of the floors in the shelter. Washer and dryer is also available. In the two shared kitchens there is a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, cutlery and kitchen equipment. Each woman has her own refrigerator and cupboard for storing food. The freezer is for shared use.

Playrooms and computers

At the shelter there is a playroom for younger children and one for older children, in which there’s also a computer.

There is also a computer and a printer for the adults, which the children are not allowed to use. Moreover, students can borrow a computer if necessary.

The courtyard

The residents can use our courtyard in Frederiksberg, which has a pent roof. The house is a non smoking facility, but there is a smoke free cabin in the basement and smoking in the courtyard is allowed.