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Our work is based on a set of values that centers around an understanding that growth in cognition, insight and sense of self goes hand in hand with powerful, active action, so that we:

  • Always meet the individual with respect, understanding and equality.
  • Always take point of departure in your particular circumstances and own experience of the violence.
  • Urge you to take initiative and action with the purpose of finding the strength to free yourself from the violence.

Our aim is to prevent and combat violence against women in every way, and we do this through the following initiatives:

  • Operating an open, anonymous counselling offer and two shelters with an empowerment approach regarding women and children, who have been subjected to violence in any shape or form. Meaning that the individual woman’s resources form the base as to what expectations we have, and what kind of help we can offer her.
  • That women who seek out and/or live at the shelters with their children always meet qualified and trained staff and engaged volunteers, that can guide, help and provide care.
  • To dismantle myths and discourses in the general public that sustains and legitimates violence against women.