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The Danish Women's Society's shelter in Frederiksberg is a sheltered residence for women subjected to domestic violence, and their children. We also offer counselling for battered women and their relatives. The house is situated near Skt. Jørgens Lake and the city centre.

We are open for counselling and accommodation weekdays and on weekends from 9 am to 10 pm. There is an on-call service outside opening hours.

Physical surroundings

We have room for eight women and ten children divided between four family rooms and four single rooms.

One of the rooms is suitable for women with disabilities. It is situated on the ground floor and can be used by the walking impaired. The seven other rooms are not suitable for women with a walking impairment.

The shelter is a non-smoking facility. Therefore smoking in the rooms and on the balconies is not allowed. There is a smoke free cabin on the ground floor, and smoking is also permitted in the courtyard.


The front door is always locked and entrance to the house is only possible by using the door phone, which has video surveillance. The windows are made of shatter proof glass.

New resident?

The first couple of days after you've moved in are always the hardest. You're in an unknown house with people you don't know.

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Tour of the house

The shelter has eight rooms. We have room for eight women and ten children.

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Frequently asked questions

We have attempted to answer the questions you might have when you consider moving in to a shelter.

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Our most important guidelines

We have a few guidelines that you need to follow if you're living at the shelter.

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Criteria for living at the shelter

We offer sheltered residence. This means, that the residents live here and that the front doors are always locked, the windows are made of shatter proof glass and that the main entrance has video surveillance.

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